Drilling Services

Trusted and reliable, our service and experience in drilling will take you the distance.
From Domestic & Commercial to Agriculture and Industrial

Turnkey Solution

We provide a turnkey service when it comes to borehole drilling, pump installation and electrical connections.

During drilling and installation, we maintain communication with you, while efficient and trained staff work with pride and commitment to maintain our front line position

Specialized service

We specialize in several borehole drilling methods; namely: Air percussion, Lenitrix, Odex and Symmetric Drilling.

Whilst our core focus is on drilling to obtain ground water, our expertise and scope extends to de-watering and blast holes for the mining sector.

We drill for you!

We have the the capacity and ingenuity to drill in some of the most challenging environments. Our scope ranges from drilling within the confines of a client’s suburban driveway to the vast and rugged landscape of the Karoo

Process of drilling a borehole

1. Quotation

The quote is presented as an estimation of what can be expected during the drilling process together with the perceived casings which may be utilized based on previous knowledge of the area.

2. Setting the date

Once the customer is ready to proceed, a date is scheduled for the drill rig to arrive. This date can vary based on each borehole project being unique. A deposit is paid to secure the date.

3. Drilling

The drilling rig and crew arrive on site and set the drill truck in position over the demarcated area to drill. The truck is then made level and the machines start up to make first contact with the ground.

4. Communication

Communication is maintained with you in the event water is struck or an unforeseen anomaly be encountered which may require additional casings

5. Capping and Reticulation

Depending on whether the client is domestic, commercial or agricultural and given their unique requirements, - this phase would consist of capping off the borehole, installing a manhole cover and or sinking a submersible pump with power and plumbing.

6. Support

That's it. You are all set with your brand new borehole. Should you have any questions or technical issues, we will be there for you each step of the way

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